Ruldolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Auditions

Sunday, August 16

Everyone must attend an audition in order to be cast. Please check the registration time for your age group and arrive in a timely manner. It can take up to 20 minutes to complete the registration process as it requires filling out paperwork, taking measurements and taking a photo. Audition applications will not be accepted after registration is over. The show is directed by Darby Burgess. Students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2020 in order to participate.

Ages 5 – 6
1-1:30pm Registration
1:30-2pm Audition
Ages 7 – 10
1:30-2pm Registration
2-2:30pm Audition
Ages 10 – 15
2-2:30pm Registration
2:30-3:15pm Audition
Ages 15+
3-3:30pm Registration
3:30-4:15pm Audition

Call Backs
4:30-6pm. This will be for the main characters and featured numbers. Dancers must have attended an audition slot earlier in the day. During the audition period, dancers will be asked to come back for a callback. We will complete all younger callbacks first. 

Dress Code
All females (ages 5 -17) should wear a solid colored leotard, pink or flesh-colored tights, pink or flesh-colored ballet slippers and tap shoes. Females over the age of 11 with ballet experience should wear a solid black leotard with no skirt (bring tap shoes). Those students that have two full years of pointe experience should bring both pointe and flat ballet slippers to their audition. Females (ages 18+) should wear comfortable athletic attire with either socks, character heels or ballet slippers. Bring tap shoes if you have experience. All males (ages 5 -18+) should wear a solid color t-shirt and athletic shorts or pants with either socks or ballet slippers and tap shoes.

Rehearsal Weekends: Starting August 29
Performance Week: November 14 – 22 (Mandatory, no absences allowed)
Show Dates: November 20 – 22
Performance Fee: $50 (Cast t-shirt included)

Cast members will need to purchase shoes, tights and an undergarment leotard (females) or shorts and a t-shirt (males) to wear with the provided costume(s). All cast members will receive more information in the parent packet regarding schedules, dress codes, absences and performance attire.

101 Dalmations Cast

Cruella De Vil: Rachel Crawford
Roger: Gavin Giese
Anita: Zooey Bush
Perdita: Riley Nave
Pongo: Izak Giese
Jasper: Atlas Bierley
Horace: Jace Polo
Sergeant Tibbs, the Military Cat: Claire Thurman
Policeman / Thunderbolt the Wonderdog: Brody Scurr
Dog Catcher/ Kanine Krunchies Dog: Jack Whitehead
Nanny: Maddie Stewart

Speaking Dalmatian Puppies        
Lucky: Emalee Jiles
Patch: Yoen Regina Gutierrez
Penny: Lhana Riggins
Pepper: Oakley Wright
Dot: Lilli Bell

Canine Narrators
Babette, the Poodle: Lilly Kate Hitzeman
Brewster, the Boxer: Rachel Atkinson
Juanita, the Chihuahua: Jarrah Sello
Rosie, the Scottie: Ava Whittenburg

Pongo and Perdita’s Puppies
Sara Keller
Paisley Phillips
Olivia Holcomb
Faith Kraft
Karisma Lively
Lilly Herrin

Cruella’s Fur Vault Puppies
Charles Blount
Loree Clawson

Dogs of London
Poodles: Sarah Reese Van Pelt, Kali Merrill, Evelyn Bell
Scotties:  Ava Baker, Annaclaire Beverly, Tyler Pennington
Boxers: Ava Hughes, Adyson Bownan, Sirius Thomas
Chihuahuas: Ali Baker, Tessa Reese, Ellie McGill