Tarzan the Musical Cast

Tarzan: Derek Duce 
Kala: Anna Lowry 
Kerchak: Josh Barnett 
Terk: Jordan Mason 
Jane Porter: Katie King 
Professor Porter: Foster Hewitt 
Clayton: Jayson Newport 
Snipes/Ensemble: Jacob Craig 
Sabor/Ensemble: Mari Taylor 
Young Tarzan: Izak Giese 
Mother/Featured Soloist/Featured Dancer/Assistant Music Director: Abbie Sailors 
Father/Featured Soloist/ Featured Dancer: Alex Aybar 
Ensemble (Aerialist)/ Aerialist Captain: Bethany Kay 
Ensemble (Aerialist/ Featured Dancers): Alyssa Royal Maddie Archer 
Ensemble (Aerialists): Eowyn Robinson, Griffyn Bishop, Nick Knox 
Ensemble (Featured Dancer)/ Dance Captain: Cameron Freeman 
Ensemble (Featured Dancers): Cate Blackwell, Christine Chabbouh, Garrison Daniell, Eileen Moyo, Levi Campbell, Cobin Bugni, Sarah Kay, Matthew Williams, Emma Popphan, Hannah O’Driscoll 
Ensemble: Bridget Ebdon, A’Shanthe Gathers, Jake Barnwell, Marty Jo Barnes, Sophie Tisinger, Madison Norton, Taylor Mancil, Tyler Grubbs, Ethan Duce 

Based on Disney’s epic animated musical adventure and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan of the Apes, this show features heart-pumping music by rock legend, Phil Collins and a book by Tony Award-winning playwright, David Henry Hwang. This show will feature cirque and aerial skills.
Director: Lauren Kuykendall
Show Dates: August 6-9
Rehearsals: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 5pm – 9pm

Teen Theatre: Summer Showcase Auditions

Teen Theatre participants are invited to audition for a showcase. They will perform songs, choreography, monologues or scenes from their repertoire. For the audition, please use the piece you would like to perform. 
Directors:  Lauren Kuykendall
Auditions: June 1, 3pm – 5pm
Show Date: June 27, 7pm

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Auditions

This show offers principal roles for one female and six males. 
Director: TBA
Auditions: July 6 & 7, 6:30pm
Show Dates: Sept 11 – 13
Rehearsals: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Congratulations 101 Dalmations Cast

Cruella De Vil: Rachel Crawford
Roger: Gavin Giese
Anita: Zooey Bush
Perdita: Riley Nave
Pongo: Izak Giese
Jasper: Atlas Bierley
Horace: Jace Polo
Sergeant Tibbs, the Military Cat: Claire Thurman
Policeman / Thunderbolt the Wonderdog: Brody Scurr
Dog Catcher/ Kanine Krunchies Dog: Jack Whitehead
Nanny: Maddie Stewart

Speaking Dalmatian Puppies        
Lucky: Emalee Jiles
Patch: Yoen Regina Gutierrez
Penny: Lhana Riggins
Pepper: Oakley Wright
Dot: Lilli Bell

Canine Narrators
Babette, the Poodle: Lilly Kate Hitzeman
Brewster, the Boxer: Rachel Atkinson
Juanita, the Chihuahua: Jarrah Sello
Rosie, the Scottie: Ava Whittenburg

Pongo and Perdita’s Puppies
Sara Keller
Paisley Phillips
Olivia Holcomb
Faith Kraft
Karisma Lively
Lilly Herrin

Cruella’s Fur Vault Puppies
Charles Blount
Loree Clawson

Dogs of London
Poodles: Sarah Reese Van Pelt, Kali Merrill, Evelyn Bell
Scotties:  Ava Baker, Annaclaire Beverly, Tyler Pennington
Boxers: Ava Hughes, Adyson Bownan, Sirius Thomas
Chihuahuas: Ali Baker, Tessa Reese, Ellie McGill