Auditions & Cast Lists

The Miracle Worker is the story of Helen Keller and her governess Annie Sullivan. Helen was a blind, deaf and unmanageable child. Annie Sullivan is hired to care for her. Despite all expectations, Annie teaches Helen to speak and read braille. Performance dates: September 16 – 17, 7:30pm / September 18, 2pm

6pm – 7pm (ages 8 -15)
7pm – 9pm (ages 18 and up)

Sides for the auditions may be found here.
If you audition for the role of James, Helen’s brother, you will need to prepare and sing a one to two-minute song.

5 male adults (one can be a teenager)
6 female adults
6 – 8 children (ages 8 -15)

Everyone must attend an audition in order to be cast. Please check the registration time for your age group and arrive in a timely manner. It can take up to 20 minutes to complete the registration process as it requires filling out paperwork, taking measurements and taking a photo. Audition applications will not be accepted after registration is over. The show is directed by Brii Tyson. Students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2022, in order to participate.
Saturday & Sunday, August 20 & 21
Age 5
1–1:30pm Registration
1:30 – 2pm Audition

Ages 6-7
1:30 – 2pm Registration
2 – 2:30pm Audition

Ages 18+
2 – 2:30pm Registration
2:30 – 3 pm Audition

Ages 8 – 10
2:30 –3pm Registration
3 – 4pm Audition

Ages 11 – 17
3:30 – 4pm Registration
4 – 4:45pm Audition

Ages 11 – 17 (with ballet experience)
4 – 4:45pm Registration
4:45 – 6:30pm Audition
Dress code: All females, ages 4 – 17, should wear a solid colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Females over the age of 11 with ballet experience should wear a solid black leotard with no skirt. Those students that have two full years of pointe experience should bring both pointe and flat ballet slippers to their audition. Females, ages 18+, should wear comfortable athletic attire with either socks, character heels or ballet slippers. All males, ages 4-18+, should wear a solid color t-shirt and athletic shorts or pants with either socks or ballet or jazz shoes.
All cast members will receive more information in the parent packet regarding schedules, dress codes, absences and performance attire.

Congratulations to the cast of School of Rock!

Dewey Finn: Joel Bailey Smith
Rosalie Mullins: Amy Lee
Ned Schneebly: Shad McMillan
Patty: Taya Taylor
Summer: Alayna McElroy
Tomika: Grace Tembo
Zach: Ben Williams
Freddie: Linda Perez
Katie: Sienna Simmonds-Moore
Laura (Lawrence): Eden Giese
Marcy: Allee Adams
Shonelle: Kendyl Jones
Billy: Jack Whitehead
Sophie: Anna Edelman
Mason: Gavin Giese
James: Logan Rogers
Madison: Eden Robinson

Kids Ensemble
Emma Barden
Alexandria Bexley

Mrs. Sheinkopf and Police Officer: Eowyn Robinson
Gabe Brown and Theo: Isaac Breiding
Ms. Gordon and Bobbi(Bob): Hope Williams
Mr. Noble and Jeff Sanderson: Jace Polo
Ms. Green: Morgan Lee
Ms. Sanders and Security Guard: Katelyn Hardesty
Ms. Bingham: Rebecca Covington
Ms. Woodward: Knemiah Miller
Mrs. Mac: Tyler Gray
Mrs. Janes: Zino Oziwo
Ms. Wagner: Maddie Kubik
Snake and Teacher Ensemble: Abigail McCoy

Mrs. Hathaway: Ava Denalsky
Mrs. Travis: Jeanacris Thomas
Mrs. Turner: Rezi Oziwo
Ms. Hamilton: Victoria Duncan
Ms. Ward: Norah Pace
Mr. Sandford and Stanley: Prinsten Miller
Mr. Spencer and Ensemble Teacher and Doug: Marc Morris
Mr. Williams: Nathan Mobley
Mr. Mooneyham and Ensemble Teacher: Carson Spears

Matilda: Kendall Dobbs
Mr. Wormwood: Damian Ruiz 
Mrs.Wormwood: Claire Wheeler 
Michael: Hayden Christmas 
Erica: Mary Claire Winkles 
Tommy: Ezra Dockery 
Amanda: Alana Lee
Bruce: Anya Bugni 
Lavender: Victoria Duncan 
Alice: Charlotte Dockery 
Hortensia/Matilda US: Heidi Salman
Nigel: Devin Hammet 
Mrs. Phelps: Chyanne Cammon
Escapologist: Jack Whitehead
Acrobat: Rae Newbern 
Miss Honey: Lydia Sipes
Agatha Trunchbull: Laney Quinn 
Rudolpho: Atlas Bierley 
Sergei: Logan Rogers
Big Kid 1: Sienna Simmonds-Moore
Big Kid 2: Reese Williamson
Big Kid 3: Madison Akin
Cook: Becca Jackson
Ensemble: Mums/Dads/Big Kids: Meira “Mo” Lee, Kaia Maggiano, Joy Zimmer, Oak Long, Tiffany Tolbert, Julia Hume, Niyah Wells, Jade Coleman, Alexandria Bexley, Logan Rogers, Mary Katherine Akers
Little Kids: Becca Jackson, Ava Mcgrath, Reese Walker, Madi Christmas, Sudi Dahms-Kleffman, Atlas Bierley

Director: Ciara Thornton
Show Dates: May 6 – 7
Performance Fee: $50