Auditions & Cast Lists

This play takes place in Atlanta in December 1939. Gone with the Wind is having its world premiere, and Hitler is invading Poland. Atlanta’s German Jewish population are preparing for Ballyhoo, the social event of the season. Written by Alfred Uhry, author of Driving Miss Daisy, this eye opening, yet powerful play has three male roles and four female roles. Director: Lisa Bridwell.
Rehearsals: Begin September 21, 2023 (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm – 8:30pm)
Performances: December 1 – 2, 7:30pm / December 3, 2pm

Something Rotten features large song and dance numbers and a wacky cast of over-the-top characters, each given his or her own special moment in the show. Throughout its Broadway run, the musical received a standing ovation from audiences. The musical offers 10 principal roles and a large ensemble. Director: TBD
Rehearsals: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Performances: March 8, 9, 15 & 16, 7:30pm; March 10 – 17, 2pm

Congratulations to the cast of Anne of Green Gables!

Anne Shirley: Savannah Feltz
Matthew Cuthbert: Micah Chapman
Marilla Cuthbert: Mo Lee
Rachel Lynde: Keniyah Wells
Mr. Phillips / Jerry Buote / Reverand Allan: Micah Kruzinski
Prissy Andrews: Ellania Rangel
Diana Barry: Riley Crowe
Mrs. Barry: Kaia Maggiano
Minnie May Barry: Zinnia Feather
Josie Pye: Caitie Gibson
Ruby Gillis: Heidi Salman
Moody MacPherson: Devin Hammett
Charlie Sloane: James Grahm Mobley
Jane Andrews: Maylee Hindman
Gilbert Blythe: Sam Camp
Tillie Boulter: Evan Rose Horner
Bessie Wright: Alyson Alexander
Carrie Sloane: Mary Claire Winkles
Aunt Josephine Barry: Elsa Kruzinski
Mary Jo: Carlie Gibson
Mrs. Blewett / School Children: Clara Beth McGill
Miss Susan Stacy: Joy Zimmer
Miss Rogerson: Sudi Dahms-Kleffman
Mrs. Allan: Amelia Beasley
President of Queen’s Academy: Jenna Rodriguez
Train Station Master / School Children: Emma Reese
Reverand Bentley / Jimmy Glover / Mr. Sadler: Rory Johnson
School Children: Andi Brock
School Children: Charlie Billingsly
School Children: Presley Taylor

Anne of Green Gables tells the story of Anne Shirley, an imaginative orphan growing up and finding her place on Prince Edward Island. This faithful adaptation captures many of Anne’s famous misadventures, including her first encounter with handsome Gilbert Blythe, saving Diana Berry’s little sister from death and her graduation from Queen’s Academy with the school’s highest achievement. You will find a kindred spirit in one of literature’s favorite redheads.
Directed by Ciara Thornton
Sponsored by Dianne Jackson

Clara: Rachel Claire Childs / Understudy: Olivia Jaglinski

Fritz: Anastasia Winterton / Understudy: Ava Veal

Frau Stahlbaum: Dr. Gwyn Goodwin

Herr Stahlbaum Dr. Clyde Navarro

Aunt Drosselmeyer: Olivia White

Drosselmeyer’s Nephew: Lilly Hitzeman

Maids: 1. Marie Fujita-Block 2. Eden Robinson 3. Abigail Vaughn

The Valet: Sophie McDaniel

Party Moms 1. Theresa Masek 2. Andrea Hitzman 3. Julie Veal 4. Andrea Laubstein 5. Amber Jaglinski

Party Dads: 1. Phillip Block 2. David Moore 3. Chance McCoy (via Maddie Archer)

Party Girls: 1. Hazel Gaddy 2. Ava Veal 3. Nola Smith 4. Farrah Aguilar 5. Olivia Jaglinski

Party Boys: 1. Mabry Holloway 2. Coco Miele 3. Kinsley Solomon 4. Dailey Garner

Harlequinn Doll: Eden Robinson

Nutcracker/Prince: Lilly Hitzeman

Rat Queen Michaela Wayne 027

Rats 1. Callie Davis 2. Margaret Mattison 3. Gabriela S Mora 4. Charley Cruse 5. Laila Cole 6. Madeline Hanson 7. Olivia Pardoe 8. Mila Houman 9. Elena Forero

Little Mice: 1. Addison Arnold 2. Palmer Jackson 3. Quinn McLarty 4. Isla Templin 5. Marisol Bell 6. Anya Ozier

Soldiers: 1. Emilia Pardoe 2. Marley Cole 3. Daisy Miele 4. Holden Hanson 5. Vivian Hanson 6. Aubrey Wright 7. Emery Trowers 8. Sloan Gray 9. RaeLee Billington 10. Noah Childs 11. Aryanna Lynn Farmer 12. Shadanny Mackin 13. Bo Miele 14. Skylar A Lauridson 15. Evie Gaddy 16. Caroline Cornell 17. Noah Morales *Cavalry Soldier with hobby horse 18. Oliver “Ollie” Wayne *Cavalry Soldier with hobby horse

Snow Queen: Camille “Millie” Hatchett

Snow King: Raul Peinado

Snowflurries: 1. Piper Bennett 2. Morgan Operman 3. Kayla Third 4. Ella Glover 5. Sarah Jose 6. Zoe Hubbard 7. Cara Davis 8. Jasmine Jones 9. Alyssa Stringfellow 10. Isabella “Bella” Hamm 11. Nicole Rojas

Angels: 1. Callie Davis 2. Margaret Mattison 3. Gabriela S. Mora

Guardian Angels: 1. Kyndal Wilson 2. Sierra Lashbrook

Cherubs: 1. Scarlett Warner 2. Crimson Warner 3. Kiernan Baskin

Spun Sugar (New this year): 1. Marie Fujita-Block 2. Abigail Vaughn

Chocolate 1. Piper Bennett 2. Sarah Jose

Reed Pipes: 1. Kayla Third 2. Ella Glover 3. Morgan Opperman

Peacocks: 1. Sophia Laminack 2. Emma Nix 3. Maddie Archer

Coffee & Steam: 1. Camille “Millie” Hatchett 2. Samantha Shaffer 3. Emily Stockinger 4. Laila Cole (coffee steam) 5. Aria Daniels (coffee steam) 6. Bailee Nicole Snoddy (coffee steam) 7. Melanie Valle (coffee steam)

Candy Canes & Peppermint Twirls (New): 1. Anna Broome 2. Sol Pimienta 3. Abigail Keesling 4. Anna Ruth Hatchett 5. Karter Allen 6. Gia Navarro 7. Charley Cruse 8. Kadence Pattillo (Peppermint Twist) 9. Amorie Buchanan (Peppermint Twist) 10. Summer McCoy (Peppermint Twist) 11. Abigail Childs (Peppermint Twist)

Mother Ginger: Scott Foxx

Gingerbread Children: 1. Sarah Smith 2. Elizabeth Childs 3. Eliza Bell 4. Mayble Elkins 5. Emma Thompson 6. Kendall Watkins 7. Raegan Bishop 8. Rylie Kate Crews 9. Alaina Solomon 10. Julia Browning

Sugar Plum Fairy: Stacey Slichter

Cavalier: Raul Peinado

Candied Flowers: 1. Eden Robinson 2. Maddie Archer 3. Sophia Laminack 4. Emma Nix 5. Camille “Millie” Hatchett 6. Abigail Vaughn 7. Marie Fujita-Block 8. Allie Grace Ashlock 9. Peyton Shealey 10. Emily Stockinger

Congratulations to the cast of Frankenstein 1930:

Mother – Amanda Camp
Daughter – Ava Denalsky
Grave Digger 1- Payton Rampy
Grave Digger 2 – Gavin Giese
Victor Frankenstein – John Bessis
Igor – Tom Sohl
Aunt Frederica – Georgia Carter
Elizabeth – Kathryn Henry
Berta – Rebecca Davis
Henry – Brent George
Dr. Hellstrom – Allen Mason
The Creature – Josh Ingle
Horst – John Stephens
Jalna – Allyson Tarpley
Second Man – John Derrick
Maria- Isla Hamil
Korda – Madison Norton
Villager – Ada Robinson

Rehearsals: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Directed by Dana Rampy

Harking back to the original concept of Frankenstein, this version adds greater depth of character and motivation, as well as a new and different love story. All of the eagerly anticipated elements are here: the stone-walled laboratory, the crazed scientist, angry villagers, a swooning heroine, a fearful storm and the hideous yet pathetic, deadly creature with its confused mind and powerful, undisciplined body. The final confrontation between the doctor and the creature produces a startling surprise. The show offers seven male and six female principal roles and an ensemble.