Volunteer Program

Join the Center for the Arts’ Volunteer Program and earn awards for hours served. There are volunteer opportunities in many areas of the arts center such as: assisting with classes; gallery installation and openings, setting building and technical support; costume construction and maintenance; helping with festivals and special events and ushering productions. We will provide training and orientation for all positions and honor our volunteers at the annual Arts Commission luncheon. For more information or to apply, please visit carrolltonarts.com/volunteerprogram or email eschultz@carrollton-ga.gov.

Volunteer Positions and Qualifications

Gallery Assistant

Special Events Assistant

Facility Greeters

Art Education Volunteer

Dance Program Assistant

Theatre Program Assistant


Technical Volunteer

Costume Shop Assistant

Volunteer Benefits 

25 volunteer hours gets you an Enthusiast Membership or one comp performance ticket.
40 volunteer hours gets you a Devotee Membership (in the following fiscal year). 
60 volunteer hours gets you a Connoisseur Membership (in the following fiscal year). Volunteer recognition through the Arts Commission’s Eat, Thank, Love luncheon. 

Annual Volunteer Recognition: Each year the Arts Commission hosts its annual luncheon and volunteers will be recognized at this time. 

Student Volunteers: Volunteers who qualify will receive letters of recommendation and can fulfill school or community service requirements. Our program allows volunteers and staff the option to collaborate on training, program development and special events. Volunteers build job skills in marketing, development, administration, event planning, education and more. Recognition pins will be presented at the annual luncheon.

Application Process

All current and potential volunteers are required to complete an application that asks for basic personal information (name, address, phone number, hours of availability, special skills and emergency contact person). This application will remain on file at the center. Falsification of information, including the omissions or misrepresentations, on the application or any other required document is immediate grounds for dismissal. 

Volunteer placement at the Center for the Arts is subject to an official position offer, space availability and completion of the orientation plus additional training on assignment. Application submission does not guarantee your acceptance as a volunteer. Parental permission is required for volunteers younger than 18. The City of Carrollton requires a background check for all applicants (full-time, part-time, seasonal, internship and volunteer).