Our Roush Gallery and Galleria showcase an altogether amazing array of exhibitions and other special arts events throughout the year. Check out what’s on display now and what’s coming up!

August 17 – September 21
Reception – August 31, 5 – 7 pm

An exhibition of works exploring art as an outlet and emotional experience. Artworks are by selected University of West Georgia students who won the 2023 juried student exhibition at the CCA. A small portfolio of works will be displayed by each student expressing their ongoing research and exploration of art production. Artists include Sarah Gailey, Michelle Hendrix, Jewel Mason, Darrin Johnson and McKenna “Mickey” Schmidt.

Calling all adults! Stop by the Roush Gallery to reflect on how we can add a sense of relaxation, joy and adventure to our daily existence. Grab a card and write down how you find and create play in your life. Then add it to our community board for others to see and enjoy. Maybe your idea will inspire someone to get out and have some fun of their own.

This documentary photography exhibition was created by award-winning author-photographer Nancy Richards Farese. The presented visual index of play from around the world is a stunning exploration of the human relationship with play, captured through the lenses of culture, tradition and economics. Sponsored by Tee and Dana Reeve.

Parents and guardians can bring lunch and their little ones to have some family outdoor fun with art. Tables will be set out for picnicking, coloring, watercolor, chalk art and bubble making with a variety of wands. This event will move inside in the event of inclement weather.
Ages: 4 – 7 and Guardians

The CCA is calling for submissions of artwork from all ages that feature winter and holiday themes. All artworks will be included in an exhibit and one work will be selected by a guest judge to be turned into the 2023 CCA season’s greeting card. The competition and exhibition are open to the public and there is no fee to participate. Go to carrolltonga.com/greetingcardcontest for more information and to submit. Sponsored by Go Print Plus.

Showcasing the funny, exciting and thought-provoking works from elementary through high school students across Carrollton and Carroll County in grade levels. Let your young artists be inspired by their peers and maybe find a little inspiration yourself.

Curtis Bartone’s paintings, drawings, lithographs, and woodcuts address the uneasy and often complex relationship between human beings and what we call the “natural” world. The work examines the human need to not only classify and control–often out of fear and uncertainty–but to intervene and claim a place in the fabric of the landscape. Through the process of developing collages and sketches, and by further developing the composition on the print matrix, preconceptions about what “belongs” and what doesn’t are re-examined. Contrasting and disparate elements mix and mingle, melding into a single moment. Similarities and connections begin to emerge where none existed before. The division between native and invasive, wild and domestic and even beautiful and ugly, becomes less clear, as does our role in this web of life. Sponsored by Randy and Penny Ayers.

It’s the small things in life that can leave the largest impression. This exhibit showcases powerful, beautiful and compelling small works of art and texts from local artists’ and writers’ guild members. Shoppers will find great gifts for their friends and loved ones. Purchased artworks may be taken home immediately, allowing artists to replace these works with new ones. The exhibition features new pieces throughout its duration.

Stop by the Arts Center for some holiday cheer and creativity. Guests can travel from art station to art station, learning different ways to create and decorate cards. With a variety of materials available, the possibilities are endless. Pair this activity with an attendance of the performance of the Nutcracker occurring the same day.
Ages: All Ages. Families welcome, but young children will need to work with their guardians.
Free, all materials provided

The title of this show comes from Michelangelo’s description of his own maniacal devotion to his art. Sarah Swanson relates to art being an obsessive passion. This exhibition features drawings and mixed media works she created over the last 12 to 18 months. The artist hopes people can feel their minds or hearts being moved by simple lines coming together to form something beautiful or thought-provoking. Sponsored by Printer’s Ale (Greg and Suzanne Smith).

An exhibition that explores the complexity of contemporary life for teens through illustrating a mix of personal perspectives and pop culture. The works can be intriguing, exciting and insightful. See the world through the lens of the up-and-coming generation of artists as they navigate and translate their realities and interests through works of arts.

Jonathan Levi Rutherford creates beautiful and functional artworks from his chosen medium: wood. “The process of woodworking from living tree (as an arborist) to finished sculpture (as an artist) means discovering hidden treasure. Every felled log and solitary piece of lumber was once alive. Its grain is a map of growth and experiences, struggles to survive, and journey through time. I seek to maximize the beauty of that journey through new forms, delaying the decay through creative expression. It is my joy to take my space in time to preserve and honor the subtle beauty of another space in time, that of the original tree.”

An exhibition of works by high school students pursuing Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate art programs.

Works by emerging artists from UWG will illustrate a variety of techniques, media and perspectives being investigated by creatives in the contemporary academic environment.

In this intriguing show, CAG members are challenged to research and create artwork inspired by masterpieces and master artists, both locally and internationally known, from ancient history to contemporary times. Exhibited artworks will explore how artists can interpret the style, technique and themes of other creative professionals to make something new and unique of their own. Sponsored by Alex Roush.

This special event allows the CCA and Carrollton Artist Guild to partner with other art organizations and trade spaces for exhibitions of their local artists in each other’s community. Find new artists to follow and new artworks to dive into through this collaborative showcasing.

Derryberry and Goldenstein connect the ideas of women’s work and empowerment through image, concept, fabric, embroidery and other hybrid media. Their work explores the ideas of body, identity, personal stories and what is considered “craft” and “fine art.” Derryberry works on vintage handkerchiefs and painting/fabric constructions that include narrative components and symbols from alchemy. She creates non-specific story lines of a virtual, shifting world where nothing is quite what it seems. Goldenstein creates a portrait catalogue of iconic women who chose the challenge of professional careers in art and as activists while eschewing the acceptable domestic crafts considered “women’s work” with which they are portrayed. Dr. Richard and Marilyn Glass.