Theatre is fun and creative and it teaches valuable life skills of cooperation, listening, public speaking, self-confidence and time management. Our program covers the whole theatre experience, from performance to backstage technical skills. Programs for all ages and skill levels are available.

Creative Drama

Wednesdays, August 26 – May 12
4 – 5pm

We will explore all areas of basic drama, including pantomime, voice, improvisation, line memorization, stage movement, theater games and creating simple costumes. The class will write a short script together to be performed for an invited audience at the end of the semester titled, Working and Creating Together.
Ages: 5-7
Class Size: 15 Max.
Instructor: Deja Culver

Cost: Members $270 per year ($27 a month) / Non-Members $300 per year ($30 a month)

Acting Up Theatre Class

Thursdays, August 27 – May 13
4 – 5:30pm

Class is geared to students of all skill levels and will study age-appropriate scripts from the mystery genre. We will present a mystery dinner, December 9, 2020. Join us to find out whodunnit!
Ages: 8-12
Class Size: 20 Max.
Instructor: Jenny Lyle

Cost: Members $320 per year ($32 per month) / Non-Members $380 per year ($38 per month) / Dinner Theatre on December 15, at 6pm $15.

Junior Company Acting Class

Tuesdays, August 25 – May 11
5pm – 6:30pm

This class is a study of classical and contemporary drama and musical theatre. Subjects include principles of acting, improvisation, scene study, stage movement, vocal technique, choreography and audition preparation. 
Ages: 13-15
Class Size: 15 Max.
Instructor: Ciara Thornton

Cost: Members $320 per year ($32 per month) / Non-Members $380 per year ($38 per month)